What Am I Reading?

Hey Lovelies, every week I will post what book I am reading and share my thoughts on it!

What Am I Reading?
The Handmaids Tale By Margaret Atwood

Previous Book
Lyrebird By Cecilia Ahern and Kawaii Cakes by Juliet Sear

When I first picked up Cecilia Ahern’s book Lyrebird, the winner for me was that it was set in Dublin. As you all know, it is the place I dream to live in and miss everyday. Luckily with dreamy books like this, I can imagine myself being back there. The story follows a young woman called Laura, as she is discovered living on her father’s farm by documentary makers Solomon, Bo and Rachel. Together, they work to showcase Laura’s incredible mimicking talents with the rest of the world. The book is cleverly created to make you start imagining the sounds that Laura is making. You get placed into a dream world and you wonder what life would be like if you stopped and listened to the noises. Heading to Ireland or wanting to appreciate the world a little bit more, with a hint of drama and romance? Pick up this book lovelies. 

Cookbooks are something that I can’t wait to fill my own house with. Especially baking ones. When not watching films or TV shows, I am often in the kitchen trying to bake something. After attending the Bakers Vs. Fakers event, with the amazing Juliet Sears hosting and teaching us, I was kindly handed her book by the lady herself and haven’t stopped using it since. From perfectly fluffy vanilla cupcakes topped with rainbows to sugar cookies, the recipes in the book have gone down a treat. I will admit I haven’t been brave enough yet lovelies to try and recreate some of the cute designs apart from the rainbow, but I can’t wait to do so. This book has definitely built my confidence as a baker, given my family and friends sweet treats and provided me with an even bigger heart for baking cookbooks. I need another one Juliet ASAP! 

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