Musical Memos

Hey Lovelies, 

Every month I will be updating this page to highlight a show, album or musical act that I have been listening to non-stop on the blog, to help you find the best motivation for work, school or everyday life.

This week I am currently listening to…

Dirty Computer By Janelle Monáe

Both an amazing actress and singer, Janelle Monáe has returned with a brand-new album and it is brilliant! Make Me Feel is the song that I can’t stop listening to, as the song is just so catchy. Honestly, I listened to it about five times the other day and I think I could do it again every day at the moment. Even if you only listen to this one song or if you fall for the whole album, this will become the new soundtrack to your life lovelies. I promise! 

Happy listening, 
Joey X 

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